How To Choose Toner

By Natalie WrightLast update: 2023-08-21

Choosing the right toner is one of the indispensable steps in your daily skin care regimen if you want to have smooth, bright skin. Toners are a type of liquid skin care product that can be used to cleanse the skin, shrink pores, hydrate the skin, and regulate oil production. They are used to correct the pH of the skin immediately after cleansing and before applying serums & moisturizers. Understanding and determining your skin type will help you choose the best toner for your skin, by teaching you how to choose toner I hope you have healthier, more beautiful skin.

Uses of Toner

Knowing what a toner is allows you to easily visualize its use. Therefore, toners are very important to skin care routines and have the following useful uses.

Intensive skin cleaning

Toners are able to clean the surface more thoroughly than cleansers do. Because toner effectively removes makeup, dead skin cells, oil, and dirt by penetrating into skin cells. To increase the skin's ability to be cleansed, use toner after cleansing your face with a cleanser.

Reduces and unclogs pore size

Toner keeps the skin's surface always open and aids in pore reduction because it has the deep cleansing properties mentioned above. It is among the best applications for toner, which effectively combats large facial pores.

Clearer skin and avoiding acne

If not cleanly removed, oil, dirt, dead skin cells, makeup, and other substances will clog pores and result in acne as well as dull skin. Toner, on the other hand, has the power to unclog pores and remove harmful substances from the skin. Because of this, using toner also enables you to have skin that is smooth and free of pimples.

Skin hydration and pH balance

Because of the pH imbalance after using a cleanser to wash your face, your skin is frequently tight and drier. However, this problem is solved if toner is applied immediately after washing your face. It makes the skin more supple and smooth because the moisturizing components in the toner balance out the moisture on the skin.

Get rid of dark circles

Perhaps many of you do not know how toner also helps remove dark circles under the eyes. In fact, toners are a simple yet incredibly effective way to completely get rid of those unsightly dark circles under your eyes.

How to choose toner

You should be aware of the definition of toner as well as what your skin requires in order to select the best toner. Currently, toners here on market are primarily categorized by their ingredients: cleansing toners, toners with mild skin-exfoliating acids, moisturizing toners, and toners that balance pH.

Toners suitable for dry skin

A type of skin known as dry skin typically produces less oil, ages faster, and is more sensitive to environmental factors. Cells are rapidly oxidized in dry, flaky, cracked and dehydrated skin, which is the cause of wrinkles, chicken feet, dark circles and melasma.

In addition, this type of skin is very prone to inflammation, redness, and itching. Toners for this skin type should include:

  • Prioritize choosing toners that have the ability to effectively hydrate and moisturize.
  • These aid in thorough cleansing, antibacterial, exfoliation and provide much-needed moisture.
  • Especially avoid using toners that contain a lot of alcohol because they easily make the skin more and more dehydrated.
  • For those with dry skin, ingredients like, aloe, rose, essential oils, and ceramides are ideal.

Toner appropriate for skin susceptible to acne

For those with oily skin, you should choose a toner that has the ability to clean, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and heal acne.

Notes when choosing a toner for the skin:

  • Choose products with natural essences extracted from herbs.
  • Top priority for products that support pH balance.
  • Should choose products with a light texture, easily absorbed into the skin, helping to dry the skin and not greasy.
  • Witch hazel, lavender, and green tea are some of the ingredients found in toners. Excellent for blemish-prone or oily skin

Toner for combination skin

With combination skin in the T-zone and dry patches in other areas, the skin type is quite complex. In bad weather, this skin type can produce a lot of oil, leading to breakouts, however, in the winter, it can become dry and flaky.

  • Toner for this skin type must be able to regulate oil and keep the skin moisturized.
  • The defects of this skin type will be minimized thanks to products with natural ingredients.
  • To maintain balanced and dewy skin, look for toners that contain aloe, rose, lavender, chamomile, and more.

Toner suitable for normal skin

You are lucky to have normal skin because it is healthy, less prone to acne and less allergic to skin care products. I think depending on their requirements, this skin type can freely choose toners.

  • After facial cleansing, individuals can use toners containing witch hazel, rose or chamomile to control the skin's pH and control oil production.
  • Choose toners that contain sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, and natural extracts if you want them ready to hydrate and replenish your skin

Sensitive skin-friendly toners

Among the most difficult skin types to care for is sensitive skin. This skin type reacts violently to chemicals in cosmetics, causing red, itchy rashes.Only a small percentage of cases of sensitive skin are due to other factors, so if your skin feels dry, you should start moisturizing your skin right away.

  • Toners with soothing properties, such as those for dry skin, are best for this sensitive skin type. However, there are several significant restrictions
  • There are no chemicals, alcohol or fragrances in the ingredients.
  • It is recommended to have all-natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin such as herbal ingredients, aloe vera, rice water, centella asiatica, etc.
  • The item needs to be tested before use. Unless your skin is normal, try using a minimal amount of toner just on the chin area for two to three days in a row.
  • Discontinue use immediately if skin becomes red, dry, or otherwise abnormal.
  • To choose the toner with the best ingredients, you should talk to your doctor and other professionals.

Notes when choosing toner

  1. When choosing a toner, the first consideration is to look at the ingredients to determine some of the best ones for your skin.
  2. To be effective on your face, you also need to stay away from toner products that have a strong fragrance or contain a lot of alcohol.
  3. The main purpose of a toner is to clean, balance the pH and close the pores. However, to meet consumer needs and suit a wide range of skin types, each type adds or subtracts some ingredients.
  4. Finally, it is advisable to buy toner products from well-known, reputable retailers to avoid buying fake or poor quality products.
  5. Please assess the state of your skin and carefully review the ingredient list before selecting the appropriate toner for your skin.

Guidelines for Effective Toner Use

  1. Choose the right facial cleanser, effectively remove dirt, avoid skin irritation
  2. When used with a sheet mask, toner will have more time to penetrate the skin & improve moisture retention.
  3. Apply toner as soon as you finish washing your face.
  4. Let the toner dry just enough in the air so it's soft on the skin without getting too wet before applying additional moisturizing products.
  5. At least 2 to 3 times per day is to use toner.


It is advisable to choose the best toner for each skin type, just like any other skin care product. The ideal toner will understand your skin's needs and take care of them. It's not as difficult as you might think to choose the best toner for all skin types. Start by taking your little mirror, pay attention to each facial feature and determine your skin type. Then, choose a toner that has the right ingredients for it to benefit your skin.

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